First Encounters a.k.a. The Initial Interview

First Encounters a.k.a The Initial Interview

by Kathy Kelly-Huey

 It often begins with a phone call

 The adage “you only get one first impression” is apt when we consider the initial conversation we have with those who grace us with a phone call asking, “When does RCIA start?”  The way we answer this question influences every subsequent action and interaction we share with the person who posed the question.  I like to answer the question with, “The moment you picked up the phone to call me.”  By beginning with an affirmation of how God has already been at work in the Inquirer’s life and that he/she has already responded to the Holy Spirit assures the Inquirer that he/she has arrived on time and in time and is right where he/she is supposed to be. If he/she had begun this journey any sooner, he/she might not have been ready for the journey.  Jesus didn’t call all the apostles on the same day either.  For some this is an initial awareness of how God has been active in their life.

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