The Process of Discernment

*This article is a summary of the Discernment Process PowerPoint presentation created by Sister Gael Gensler, OSF. Sr. Gael is a pastoral associate for the St. Julie Billiart Parish in Tinley Park, IL. She has been involved with adult initiation for thirty years and has served on the NA Forum staff as the Director of Institutes. She is co-author of a web resource, Apprentices in Faith, an author of the Foundations in Faith series (RCL), and writes on initiation topics.

The Christian Initiation process fosters faith formation resulting in transformation. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the process leads one to conversion of heart and to a response to Christ’s invitation to live an active, Christian life. “Falling in love” with our Lord is the ultimate goal. Every transition in the process is enhanced through prayer and discernment.

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At the May Open Forum, Lorraine Miller from St. Philip Benizi gave a short presentation followed by discussion about “Discernment.” 

Christian discernment in the RCIA is an awareness of the movement of the Holy Spirit and the signs of the Spirit in a person’s life. It involves recognizing exterior habits and dispositions as reflecting interior change. It requires attentive listening and observation to detect conversion.  During the RCIA process, candidates and catechumens should be given the opportunity to discern in dialogue with clergy, team members or director.

Discernment during the formal RCIA proccess should happen at minimum in the following times:

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