At the May Open Forum, Lorraine Miller from St. Philip Benizi gave a short presentation followed by discussion about “Discernment.” 

Christian discernment in the RCIA is an awareness of the movement of the Holy Spirit and the signs of the Spirit in a person’s life. It involves recognizing exterior habits and dispositions as reflecting interior change. It requires attentive listening and observation to detect conversion.  During the RCIA process, candidates and catechumens should be given the opportunity to discern in dialogue with clergy, team members or director.

Discernment during the formal RCIA proccess should happen at minimum in the following times:

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The Rite of Acceptance and the Rite of Welcome: The Cross

By: Kathy Kuczka

The Cross is one of the most ancient symbols of Christianity. Crosses can be seen wherever we look. Crosses hang from rear-view mirrors, in bedrooms, and stand on faraway hills. They are made out of wood, gold and even palm branches. They adorn necks, ear lobes, fingers and wrists. Jewelers prize them and tourist vendors take stock in them. Because the cross has become so commonplace, the central meaning of the Cross can become obscured or taken for granted.

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RCIA “Open Forum” 2018 Report

In October, The Archdiocesan Forum for the RCIA held an “Open Forum” meeting.  The meeting was open to anyone who is on staff or volunteers as part of an RCIA team at a parish.  After a welcome by Andy Lichtenwalner, Director of the Office of Formation and Discipleship, and introductions by Forum Chairperson, Terry Zobel (St. Thomas Aquinas), Lorraine Miller (St. Philip Benizi) led a question and answer session.  To see the list of questions and answers click here!  Watch for announcements about the next “Open Forum” in February and plan to join us to learn and build a network of people who can support you in the RCIA.