Mark you calendars! Fr. Paul Turner coming to Atlanta!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 25th 2016.  Fr. Paul Turner will be in Atlanta to present a workshop about the Pastoral concerns in Initiation.  There will be a day session and a repeated but abbreviated session in the evening.  Registration will be open soon.  There will be no charge for this event which will be held at the Chancery.  If you want to know a little about Fr. Turner’s work, read the post “The Scrutiny Rites:  The Presider’s Role” that follows this post.

Archbishop Gregory’s Statement Regarding the Annulment Process

Archbishop Gregory has released a statement regarding Pope Francis’ changes to the annulment process. You can access his statement in the section titled, “Archbishop Gregory Writings.”  Click here to download

For more information on the annulment process changes, please see this article on the Georgia Bulletin website: “After study by special Vatican commission, Pope Francis simplifies annulment process for some cases.”


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