RCIA Self Assessment Tool

RCIA How Are We Doing A Self Assessment Tool RCIA | How Are We Doing? A Self-Assessment Tool published by RCL/Benziger is a great resource for RCIA teams.  The set of reproducible blackline masters provide an overview of each period and rite followed by relevant evaluation questions that help RCIA leaders and teams to identify strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.  The well constructed evaluation questions lead the evaluator to a greater understanding of the RCIA.

Reflections on Holy Week by the Newly Initiated

by Kathy Kuczka

Throughout the Easter season, our newly initiated adults have been engaged in the fourth period of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults called mystagogy, a Greek word meaning “to savor the mysteries.”  Our newly initiated Catholics, called neophytes, or newly planted, have been reflecting on their journey of faith, especially on what they experienced during the rituals celebrated during Holy Week.  Here are some of their reflections: Continue reading “Reflections on Holy Week by the Newly Initiated”

Mystagogical Sessions Outside of the Eucharist

by Terry Zobel

The Rite does not have a whole lot to say about this period and it doesn’t really give us much in the way of how-to instructions for its implementation. What is does say can be found in paragraphs 244-51—a mere eight paragraphs. Those paragraphs give us the flavor, the tone, the mood for this rich period. For me, this period has three distinct elements. Continue reading “Mystagogical Sessions Outside of the Eucharist”