Reflections of a “Newbie” RCIA Director: Catechesis as a Shared Journey of Faith

by Carl McColman, St. Thomas More, Decatur

This year my wife Fran and I begin our third year as RCIA directors at our parish. It still feels “new” to us and we continue to be humbled by how enormous a responsibility this is.  We find we must continually rely on God’s grace and guidance, which, in balance, seems to be a good thing!

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RCIA For Those With Special Needs

What do you do when you have a person who is unbaptized, over the age of 7, able to make decisions for himself /herself but has special needs?  The RCIA model is wholistic-addresses the whole person-and allows for numerous adaptations while focusing on formation and conversion within community. Here is a great article about a young man with autism and how the parish adapted the RCIA to meet his needs.

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Presentation of the Creed and The Lord’s Prayer

The Creed and the Lord’s Prayer are the heart of our faith. They embody what we believe and how we are to pray, which is why special liturgies are designed to hand on or to present both in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Since the early centuries, the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer have been presented to the elect in the weeks prior to Easter to help them prepare for baptism. Even today we present them just before Easter since their baptism will be preceded by a profession of faith using the words of the Creed and their sharing in the Eucharist will be preceded by their participation in praying the Lord’s Prayer.

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