Marriage Requirements for Godparents and Sponsors and Annulment Summary

By Fr. John Koziol, St. Philip Benizi Parish, Jonesboro, GA, Archdiocese of Atlanta

Recently, I had a conversation with a woman who was upset, hurt, and confused. She had been told by one of our deacons that she did not meet the requirements to serve as a godparent for the baptism of her niece.  She is a confirmed, practicing Catholic and didn’t understand why she was not eligible to serve as a godmother.  The reason she was ineligible was that she was not married in the Catholic Church.  She had married in a non-denominational Church, the Church of her spouse.  She had no idea that being married in the Church is one of the requirements for being a godparent.  She also didn’t know that a marriage outside the Church is not considered valid unless prior permission and a dispensation have been granted by the bishop.  Continue reading “Marriage Requirements for Godparents and Sponsors and Annulment Summary”