Recruiting Team Members

by Lorraine Miller

God calls each of us by name. (Is. 43:1)

The most effective way to recruit team members is to personally invite them. This presumes you know the community well enough and the particular gifts of its members. If you do not, then it is helpful to consult with those who do. Consider the qualities that are important for an effective team. RCIA team members should be people who can keep confidences, are flexible, prayerful, enthusiastic, team players, and have a passion for our faith.

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How the RCIA Evangelizes the Parish

Now that the Vigil is over, you may find your phone and email messages about how to become Catholic increase. Read this article by Forum Member, Terry Zobel about the power of the RCIA to evangelize the entire parish.  It will make you stop and consider the importance of doing RCIA well knowing that the effects of RCIA reach way beyond the candidates and catechumens.

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