Infant or Adult Baptism?

At this year’s Easter Vigil at St. Thomas Aquinas, 22 adults and children, age seven and older, were baptized, and thus far this year, 46 infants or young children under the age of seven have been baptized. This illustrates that both adult baptism and infant baptism co-exist as separate Rites of Initiation in the Catholic Church. But that hasn’t always been the case. Continue reading “Infant or Adult Baptism?”

Reflections on Holy Week by the Newly Initiated

by Kathy Kuczka

Throughout the Easter season, our newly initiated adults have been engaged in the fourth period of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults called mystagogy, a Greek word meaning “to savor the mysteries.”  Our newly initiated Catholics, called neophytes, or newly planted, have been reflecting on their journey of faith, especially on what they experienced during the rituals celebrated during Holy Week.  Here are some of their reflections: Continue reading “Reflections on Holy Week by the Newly Initiated”