Mystagogy: Looking back to move ahead

by Kathy Kuczka

The period of Mystagogy offers the newly initiated the opportunity to deepen their grasp of the paschal mystery by participating in the Eucharistic life of the parish community. It also offers the community the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the new life in their midst.

As the RCIA states:

All the neophytes and their godparents should make an effort to take part in the Masses for the neophytes and the entire local community should be invited to participate with them. Special places in the congregation are to be reserved for the neophytes and their godparents. The homily and, as circumstances suggest, the general intercessions should take into account the presence and needs of the neophytes RCIA #248 .

Here are some additional ways to include the newly initiated in the Sunday liturgy:

  • Have the newly initiated give a witness talk at Mass.
  • Have the newly baptized wear their white garments throughout the Easter season.
  • If the sprinkling rite occurs, have the newly initiated assist by carrying the water bowl.
  • Have the newly initiated bring up the gifts.

Ask the presider to include the special memento for the newly initiated in the Eucharistic Prayer.

Because Mystagogy is a time when the newly initiated reflect on their liturgical experience, it is important that liturgy be done well. In order for the newly initiated to reflect on an experience, they must have a significant experience on which they can reflect. Celebrate liturgy well! Allow the symbols, gestures, words and prayers of the liturgy to speak loudly of the paschal mystery.

Make Sunday worth remembering!